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Rethinking the Chinese Revolution: Paradigmatic Issues in Chinese Studies, IV, Modern China, 21.1 (January 1995)

Philip C.C. Huang

Rethinking the Chinese Revolution: An Introduction

Modern China 1995 21: 3-7. 


Mark Selden

Yan'an Communism Reconsidered

Modern China 1995 21: 8-44.


Joseph W. Esherick

Ten Theses on the Chinese Revolution

Modern China 1995 21: 45-76.


Edward Berenson

A Permanent Revolution: The Historiography of 1789

Modern China 1995 21: 77-104.


Philip C.C. Huang

Rural Class Struggle in the Chinese Revolution: Representational and Objective Realities from the Land Reform to the Cultural Revolution

Modern China 1995 21: 105-143.