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Chinese Civil Justice, Past and Present

Author:   Huang, Philip C C 

ISBN: 978 0 7425 6769 6

Format: Hardback

Pages: 320

List price(s):   59.95 USD 

Publication date: 31 October 2009



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Author's Note

Preface: Why Do We Need a Different Approach to the Study of Chinese Law?

1.Introduction: The History-of-Practice Approach to Studying Chinese Law

2. Community Mediation, Past and Present

3. Centralized Minimalism: Semiformal Governance by Quasi-Officials and Dispute Resolution

4. Divorce Law Practices: The Origins, Myths, and Realities of Judicial "Mediation"

5. "Reform" in Evidence Procedure: Reasonable and Unreasonable Practices of Divorce Law

6. Civil Adjudication, Past and Present Bibliographic Note

7. Court Mediation, Past and Present

8. Whither Chinese Law?

9. Conclusion: Past and Present




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