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Rural China: An International Journal of History and Social Science Volume 14.2(2017)

Symposium: Whither Chinese Agriculture





Philip C. C. Huang: “Whither Chinese Agriculture”: An Introduction



Historical Background


WANG Xiaolu, JIANG Sidong: Cooperation: the Path to Agricultural Development in China



Yuan GAO: Industrialization and China’s Agricultural Developmen, 1949-1985 



LIN Gang: Modern Chinese Industry and the Peasant Economy

林刚: 中国近代工业与小农经济




Aimin GUO: Production and Consumption of Staple Food Crops and the Separation of the Agricultural and Nonagricultural Sectors in China, 1952–2010: AComparison with Japan, the United States, and South Korea





Xiaolin PEI: The Inverse Logics of Different Stages of Development under the Law of the Limit to Land Productivity



The New Agriculture


Chang LIU, Shiqing BAO, Danqing PEI: The Xianggu Mushroom Industry in Xixia County, Henan: A Case Study



Changquan JIAO: From “Involution” to “Capitalization:” The“New Agriculture”and the “New Peasant”— A Case Study of Tobacco Growers in a Chinese Township

焦长权:从“过密化”到“资本化”“新农业”与“新农民” ——以湖北省恩施市烟叶种植农户为例的讨论


Whither Chinese Agriculture


WANG Haijuan HE Xuefeng: The Modernization of the Peasant Economy: In Search of the Socialist Path



Tuan YANG: This Kind of Collective Is Not That Kind of Collective – In Search of a Path of Communitarian and Integrated Cooperatives



Philip C.C. Huang: The Three Models of China’s Agricultural Development: Strengths and Weaknesses of the Administrative,Laissez Faire, and Co-op Approaches