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Zhou Xueguang
Zhou Xueguang 6516visits position :Adjunct Professor



Professor of sociology and senior fellow, Institute for International Studies, Stanford University





  Ph. D. Sociology, Stanford University       1991

 B. A.    Fudan University, P.R. China   1982




2004  The State and Life Chances in Urban China: Redistribution and Stratification, 1949-1994. Cambridge University Press.

2003  组织社会学十讲. 北京:社会科学文献出版社

2000    James March, Martin Schulz, and Xueguang Zhou. The Dynamics of Rules: Quantitative Studies of Change in Written Organizational Codes. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press.


Selected articles & Book Chapters


2008    "基层政府间的"共谋现象":一个政府行为的制度逻辑"社会学研究]6: 1-22.

2005  Xueguang Zhou. "The Institutional Logic of Occupational Prestige Ranking: Reconceptualization and Reanalyses." American Journal of Sociology, 110: 90-140.

2005    "逆向软预算约束:一个政府行为的组织分析"中国社会科学 2: 132-143.

2005    "关系产权:产权制度的一个社会学解释。"社会学研究 2: 1-31.