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Partial Intimations of the Coming Whole: The Chongqing Experiment in Light of the Theories of Henry George, James Meade, and Antonio Gramsci

author Cui Zhiyuan publish : 2011/11/17 0:00:00   hits :  2933
This article interprets the ongoing Chongqing experiment in light of the
theories of Henry George, James Meade, and Antonio Gramsci. It argues
that the Chongqing experiment has shown the possibility of integrating rural
and urban development and of the co-development of public ownership and
private business. Through such practices as sending cadres to work, to live,
and to eat together with the peasants, re-registering rural migrant workers
as urban residents, “singing red songs,” and providing public rental housing
for low- and middle-income people, Chongqing has acted to revitalize the
Chinese Communist Party’s relationship with the people.


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