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Resource Endowment, Rural Governance, and the “New Agriculture” in Chinapdf

Yaoyao Cheng, Peikun Han   2021/05/18   hits:439

Rethinking the Formalism-Substantivism Debate in Social Science: A Perspective from Recent Developments in Economic Methodologypdf

Gao Yuan   2021/01/15   hits:895

Labor Disputes in China’s Local Government-Led Enterprise Restructuring: A Litigation Case Studypdf

Liuyang Zhao   2021/01/15   hits:691

Searching for Fairness in Revolutionary China: Inheritance Disputes in Maoist Courts and Their Legacy in the PRC Law of Successionpdf

Byungil Ahn   2021/01/15   hits:111213

A Path to Standardizing Material Evidence Collection in Chinese Criminal Justicepdf

Lianhan Zhang   2021/01/15   hits:592

Local Fiscal Autonomy in China: Historical Evolution and Hierarchical Differences, 1990–2014pdf

Changquan Jiao,Chenxi Xu   2020/10/20   hits:574

Informal Economy in Shanghai’s Suburban Villages: Local Society and the Dilemma of Governancepdf

Jianlei Zhang ,Wancheng Xiong   2020/10/20   hits:504

Part-Peasant, Part-Trader: A Study of the Rural Poor in Republican Shanxipdf

Aiming Zhang   2020/10/20   hits:586

The Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions in England and China:A View through the Lens of Dynamic Property Rights Theorypdf

Xiaolin Pei    2020/10/20   hits:568

The Theory of Peasant Economy and Involution and De-involutionpdf

Philip C. C. Huang   2020/10/20   hits:507

Economic Development in the Name of Protecting the Environment in Rural China: The Case of the Swan Islet National Nature Reservespdf

Jiayan Zhang   2020/10/20   hits:466

Milk From the Butterfly Spring: State and Enterprise in the Yunnan Dairy Industrypdf

Thomas David DuBois   2020/10/20   hits:556