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From Dualistic Opposition to Dyadic Integration: Toward a New Political Economy of Chinese Practice

hits:129   2022/04/20

A Critique of Marketism: Varieties of Exchanges in China’s Past and Present

hits:259   2021/12/26

A New Integrative Vision: China’s BeltRoad Initiative and Its Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

hits:343   2021/07/26

China's New Age Small Farms and Their Vertical Integration: Agribusiness or Co-ops?

hits:3037   2021/04/11

In Search of a Long-Term Development Path for China: Starting from Differences between Assigning Responsibility and Contracting

hits:1191   2019/11/23

In Search of a Social Science Anchored in (Chinese) Realities

hits:959   2019/11/14

Rethinking “the Third Sphere”: The Dualistic Unity of State and Society in China, Past and Present

hits:1808   2019/05/29

Citation Indexes:Uses and Misuses

hits:1531   2018/10/31

The Theoretical and Practical Implications of China's Development Experience:The Role of Informal Economic Practices

hits:4387   2018/10/20

Our Sense of Problem:Rethinking China Studies in the United States

hits:1354   2018/10/20

The Modern Chinese Family:In Light of Economic and Legal History

hits:5241   2018/10/20

“Whither Chinese Agriculture?”: An Introduction

hits:2369   2017/10/20

The Three Models of China’s Agricultural Development: Strengths and Weaknesses of the Administrative,Laissez Faire, and Co-op Approaches

hits:1800   2017/10/20

“Whither Chinese Agriculture?”-- An Introduction

hits:4574   2017/09/25

Dispatch Work in China: A Study from Case Records, Part II

hits:1127   2017/07/13

Dispatch Work in China: A Study from Case Records, Part I

hits:1524   2017/05/16

China’s Informal Economy, Reconsidered: An Introduction in Light of Social and Legal History

hits:1441   2017/04/19

An Introduction to Ester Boserup’s: The Conditions of Agricultural Growth: The Economics of Agrarian Change Under Population Pressure (Chicago: Aldine, 1965)

hits:982   2017/04/11

China’s Hidden Agricultural Revolution, 1980–2010, in Historical and Comparative Perspective

hits:2349   2016/06/11

The Past and Present of the Chinese Civil and Criminal Justice Systems: The Sinitic Legal Tradition from a Global Perspective

hits:2378   2016/04/12

Is “Family Farms” the Way to Develop Chinese Agriculture?

hits:1909   2015/06/30

How Has the Chinese Economy Developed So Rapidly? The Concurrence of Five Paradoxical Coincidences

hits:3666   2015/05/25

Morality and Law in China, Past and Present

hits:2080   2015/04/11

Should Social Science and Jurisprudence Imitate Natural Science?

hits:1154   2015/04/10

The Dynamics of Capitalization in Chinese Agriculture: Private Firms, the State, or Peasant Households?(中国农业资本化的动力: 公司、国家、还是农户?)

hits:1633   2014/11/25

Editor’s Foreword Whither Rural China: Capitalism, Socialism, Or?( 编者前言: 中国农村往哪里去?资本主义、社会主义、还是?)

hits:1131   2014/11/25

China’s Informal Economy Revisited(中国的非正规经济再论证)

hits:1193   2014/11/25

Is “Family Farms” the Way to Develop Chinese Agriculture?

hits:2934   2014/07/31

Editor’s Introduction to The History and Theory of Legal Practice in China: Toward a Historical-Social Jurisprudence

hits:1282   2014/07/17

Editor’s Introduction

hits:877   2014/07/17

"Social Sciences of Practice” Series Foreword

hits:997   2014/07/17

Between Informal Mediation and Formal Adjudication: The Third Realm of Qing Civil Justice

hits:1560   2014/07/16

Women’s Choices under the Law: Marriage, Divorce, and Illicit Sex in the Qing and the Republic

hits:2528   2014/07/16

Rural China: An International Journal of History and Social Science Volume 10 (2013)

hits:1058   2014/03/23

The Basis for the Legitimacy of the Chinese Political System: Whence and Whither? Dialogues among Western and Chinese Scholars, VII -- Editor’s Introduction

hits:1487   2014/03/23

Development "Planning" in Present-Day China--System, Process, and Mechanism: Dialogues among Western and Chinese Scholars, VI

hits:2848   2013/12/02

Profit-Making State Firms and China's Development Experience:"State Capitalism" or "Socialist Market Economy"?

hits:1511   2013/05/23

"State Capitalism" or "Socialist Market Economy"?--Editor's Foreword

hits:1250   2013/05/23

Misleading Chinese Legal and Statistical Categories: Labor, Individual Entities, and Private Enterprises

hits:2117   2013/05/19

Capitalization without Proletarianization in China's Agricultural Development

hits:2844   2012/03/26

A Brief Comment on Ivan Szelenyi’s Comment

hits:2891   2011/11/17

Chongqing: Equitable Development Driven by a “Third Hand”?

hits:17188   2011/11/13

China's Neglected Informal Economy: Reality and Theory

hits:2786   2009/07/31

Introduction to "Whither Chinese Reforms? Dialogues Among Western and Chinese Scholars, II"

hits:1980   2009/07/31

In Search of a Chinese Modernity: Wang Hui's The Rise of Modern Chinese Thought

hits:1787   2008/07/31

Centralized Minimalism: Semiformal Governance by Quasi Officials and Dispute Resolution in China

hits:2029   2008/01/31

Introduction to "The Nature of the Chinese State-Dialogues among Western and Chinese Scholars-I"

hits:3599   2008/01/31

Whither Chinese Law?

hits:1506   2007/04/30

Court Mediation in China, Past and Present

hits:2010   2006/07/31

Development Or Involution in 18th Century Britain and China?

hits:1579   2006/05/31

Civil Adjudication in China, Past and Present

hits:1761   2006/04/30

Divorce Law Practices and the Origins, Myths, and Realities of Judicial Mediation in China

hits:1715   2005/04/30

Women's Choices under the Law: Marriage, Divorce, and Illicit Sex in the Qing and the Republic

hits:1446   2001/01/31

Biculturality in Modern China and in Chinese Studies

hits:1746   2000/01/31

Theory and the Study of Modern Chinese History: Four Traps and a Question

hits:2231   1998/04/30

Rethinking the Chinese Revolution: An Introduction

hits:1657   1995/01/31

Rural Class Struggle in the Chinese Revolution: Representational and Objective Realities from the Land Reform to the Cultural Revolution

hits:1607   1995/01/31

"Public Sphere "/"Civil Society" in China?: The Third Realm between State and Society

hits:2919   1993/04/30

Editor's Foreword:“Public Sphere”/ “Civil Society” in China?

hits:1495   1993/04/30

Ideology and Theory in the Study of Modern Chinese Literature: Paradigmatic Issues in Chinese Studies, II

hits:1836   1993/01/31

Between Informal Mediation and Formal Adjudication-the Third Realm of Justice in Qing China

hits:1562   1993/01/31

The Paradigmatic Crisis in Chinese Studies: Paradoxes in Social and Economic History

hits:2109   1991/07/31

The Paradigmatic Crisis in Chinese Studies: Paradoxes in Social and Economic History

hits:1576   1991/07/31

Review of Chinese and Japanese Scholarship: Editor's Note

hits:1488   1977/07/31

Editor's Foreword

hits:1550   1976/10/30

Editor's Note on Transliteration

hits:1613   1976/10/30

Editor's Foreword

hits:1536   1976/04/30

Introduction to "Constitutionalism, Reform, and the Nature of the Chinese State: Dialogues among Western and Chinese Scholars, III"

hits:1813   1970/01/01

Beyond the Right-Left Divide: Searching for Reform from the History of Practice

hits:2263   1970/01/01

Preface: Why Do We Need a Different Approach to the Study of Chinese Law?

hits:1645   1970/01/01