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Race and Class in Chinese Historiography: Divergent Interpretations of Zhang Bing-lin and Anti-Manchuism in the 1911 Revolutionpdf

Joshua A. Fogel     1977/07/31   hits:1143

Review of Chinese and Japanese Scholarship: Editor's Notepdf

Philip C. C. Huang     1977/07/31   hits:1448

Popular Unrest and the 1911 Revolution in Jiangsupdf

Young-Tsu Wong     1977/07/31   hits:1206

Worker Participation in Chinese Factoriespdf

Charles Hoffmann     1977/07/31   hits:1181

Educational Reform and Manpower Policy in China, 1955-1958pdf

Joel Glassman     1977/07/31   hits:1395

The Commune in Chinese Developmentpdf

Victor D. Lippit     1977/04/30   hits:1126

The World Turned Downside Up: Three Orders of Meaning in the Peasants' Traditional Political Worldpdf

Ralph Thaxton     1970/01/01   hits:1102

Some Reflections on the Pfeffer- Walder "Revolution" in China Studiespdf

Stuart R. Schram     1977/04/30   hits:1006

A Response pdf

Frederic Wakeman      1977/04/30   hits:934

Marxism, Maoism, and Social Change: A Reexamination of the "Voluntarism" in Mao's Strategy and Thought pdf

Andrew G. Walder      1977/04/30   hits:1082

Marxism, Maoism, and Social Changepdf

Andrew G. Walder     1977/01/31   hits:1217

The World Can Change!: Guangdong Peasants in Revolutionpdf

Robert B. Marks     1977/01/31   hits:1009

Pearl Buck-Popular Expert on China, 1931-1949pdf

Michael H. Hunt     1977/01/31   hits:978

Downward Social Mobility in Pre-Revolutionary Chinapdf

Edwin E. Moise     1977/01/31   hits:1272

Railway Enterprise and Economic Development: The Case of the Imperial Railways of North China, 1900-1911pdf

Arthur Rosenbaum     1976/04/30   hits:1164

A Summing Up: Leadership and Constituencies in the 1911 Revolutionpdf

Ernest P. Young     1976/04/30   hits:1183

Comments from Authors Reviewedpdf

Chang P'Eng-Yüan, Roger V. Des Forges, Mark Elvin, Edward Friedman, Michael Gasster, Chün-Tu Hsüeh, Mary Rankin, and Edward Rhoads     1976/04/30   hits:1409

1911: A Reviewpdf

Joseph W. Esherick     1976/04/30   hits:1016

Editor's Forewordpdf

Philip C. C. Huang     1976/04/30   hits:1506

Liberal Socialism and the Future of China--A Petty Bourgeoisie Manifestopdf

Cui Zhiyuan     1970/01/01   hits:2045