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Theory of Practice and China Research: Legal and Social Science Studiespdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2022/09/27   hits:358

Understanding Bureaucratic Involution through Weber’s Bureaucracy: China’s Central Inspection Teams in Practicepdf

Jiang Zhengyang     2022/09/27   hits:260

From Dualistic Opposition to Dyadic Integration: Toward a New Political Economy of Chinese Practicepdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2022/04/20   hits:294

A Critique of Marketism: Varieties of Exchanges in China’s Past and Presentpdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2021/12/26   hits:434

A Reflection on Postwar Neoclassical Economics: The Shift from General Equilibrium Theory to the New Microeconomic Theoriespdf

Gao Yuan     2021/12/26   hits:1715

China’s “Economic Miracle” and the Universal Modernization Modelpdf

Zhao Liuyang     2021/12/26   hits:319

Personality Rights in China’s New Civil Code: A Response to Increasing Awareness of Rights in an Era of Evolving Technologypdf

Liming Wang and Bingwan Xiong     2021/12/26   hits:304

A New Integrative Vision: China’s BeltRoad Initiative and Its Asian Infrastructure Investment Bankpdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2021/07/26   hits:485

China versus the US in the pandemic crisis: governance and politics confronting systemic challengespdf

Lu Di     2021/05/15   hits:326

Towards a conception of the systemic impact of China on late developmentpdf

Lu Di     2021/05/15   hits:325

State-Owned Enterprises in Chinese Economic Transformation: Institutional Functionality and Credibility in Alternative Perspectivespdf

Lu Di     2021/05/15   hits:368

China's New Age Small Farms and Their Vertical Integration: Agribusiness or Co-ops? pdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2021/04/11   hits:3153

In Search of a Long-Term Development Path for China: Starting from Differences between Assigning Responsibility and Contractingpdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2019/11/23   hits:1385

Project-Based State Intervention and Agrarian Change in Contemporary China: The Case of Rice Production in Pingwan County, Hunanpdf

Weigang Gong;Burak Gürel     2019/11/23   hits:948

Individual and Institution: The First Secretary Embedded in Rural Governancepdf

Haixia Wang;Zhouyang Zhao;Luyi Yuan     2019/11/23   hits:1112

The Pilot Land Reform Program and Land Reform in Pilot Villages: A Study of Pilot Land Reform and Party Consolidation in Lucheng, Shanxipdf

Weiqiang Ma;Hongqin Deng;Lichao Yang     2019/11/23   hits:61582

In Search of a Social Science Anchored in (Chinese) Realitiespdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2019/11/14   hits:1144

Rethinking “the Third Sphere”: The Dualistic Unity of State and Society in China, Past and Presentpdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2019/05/29   hits:2035

Understanding China: A Dialogue with Philip Huangpdf

Li-An Zhou     2019/05/29   hits:1581

Citation Indexes:Uses and Misusespdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2018/10/31   hits:1632