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Fifty Years of Modern China: An International Journal of History and Social Sciencepdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2024/05/16   hits:55

The System of “Turning Oneself In” in Qing and Contemporary China: Some Reflections on Legal Modernismpdf

Jiang Zhengyang     2024/04/18   hits:55

The Theories of “Differential Optimums” and “Vertical Integration” and Their Implications for Chinapdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2024/02/09   hits:349

Book Review of The Peasant Family and Rural Development in the Yangzi Delta, 1350- 1988pdf

Alexander Day     2024/02/01   hits:226

The Past, Present, and Future of Commercial Associations in China: Reflections on Theory and the Pathways of Practicepdf

Zhao Shan     2024/01/27   hits:259

Control of the Platform Reserve Army: The Roles of the State and Capital in China’s Platform Economypdf

Wei Zhang, Hao Qi, And ZhongJin Li     2024/01/14   hits:118

The Profitability Puzzle of Digital Labor Platformspdf

Zhongjin Li and Hao Qi     2024/01/14   hits:139

Platform power: monopolisation and financialisation in the era of big techpdf

Zhongjin Li and Hao Qi     2024/01/14   hits:101

The state and domestic capitalists in China’s economic transition: from great compromise to strained alliancepdf

Isabela Nogueira & Hao Qi     2024/01/14   hits:126

Putting Precarity Back to Production: A Case Study of Didi Kuaiche Drivers in the City of Nanjing, Chinapdf

Hao Qi and Zhongjin Li     2024/01/14   hits:120

Giovanni Arrighi in Beijing: Rethinking the Transformation of the Labor Supply in Rural China During the Reform Erapdf

Hao Qi And ZhongJin Li     2024/01/14   hits:140

“Distribution According to Work”: An Historical Analysis of the Incentive System in China’s State-Owned Sectorpdf

Qi Hao     2024/01/14   hits:260

The Labor Share Question in Chinapdf

Qi Hao     2024/01/14   hits:120

Labor Process and the Social Structure of Accumulation in Chinapdf

Zhongjin Li and Hao Qi     2024/01/14   hits:81

China in the New World Orderpdf

Wang Shaoguang     2023/12/27   hits:261

Formation and functioning of internal reference in six cases: highway to the"heavenly court"pdf

Wang Shaoguang     2023/12/27   hits:74

In a soybean game dominated by capital, no one winspdf

Wang Shaoguang     2023/12/27   hits:87

Middle-income trap: A pseudo thesispdf

Wang Shaoguang     2023/12/27   hits:90

Political change and democracy in China:An interview with Wang Shaoguangpdf

Wang Shaoguang     2023/12/27   hits:90

Representative Democracy and Representational Democracypdf

Wang Shaoguang     2023/12/27   hits:102