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Police Reform and State Coercive Capacity Building in Chinapdf

LIN Huihuang     2016/02/05   hits:725

The Origins of China’s Economic Transition pdf

Xiaolin PEI     2016/02/05   hits:935

Dramatic Demonstrations to Demand Back Wages:The Logic of Practice of Informal Defenses of Legitimate Rights pdf

Xiaojun Feng     2015/08/01   hits:1475

Effects on Peasant Incomes of Agricultural Enterprises—Evidence from the “Natural Experiment”of the Special Zone for Agricultural Enterprises in Zhangpu County, Fujian Province pdf

Jianming Xu, Yanwu Wang, and Wenpu Li     2015/08/01   hits:816

Division of Family Property, Family Ethics and Change of Intergenerational Relations in Rural Area —A Sociological Interpretation of a Village in Zhejiang Province pdf

Jianlei Zhang     2015/08/01   hits:1033

Village Regulations, Law and the Government:an Explanatory Reading of the Village Regulations and People’s Agreements of the Villages of Jiaojiang District pdf

Xuefang Pan     2015/08/01   hits:859

Establishing a Tujia Autonomous Prefecture in Western Hunan: A Chinese Response to the “National Question”pdf

Kai Tu     2015/08/01   hits:763

Deng Zihui and the Issue of Rural Social Classes in the Chinese Revolutionpdf

Yuan Gao     2015/08/01   hits:853

The Nakedly Exposed Village A and Its Ne’er-do-wells—with Comparisons to Control of the Floating Population in the late Qing and the Republic pdf

Guiping Qu     2015/08/01   hits:1103

A Report of Investigation on the Industrial Cluster of Soybean Protein Processing in Heilongjiangpdf

PENG Yiqing, FU Qiyuan, ZHANG Shuoyue, MA Mengting     2015/06/30   hits:755

Outside Farmers” and Small-Farm Agriculture in Suburban Areas: The Case of Suburban Shanghai pdf

YUANZhonghua     2015/06/30   hits:806

The Ratio of Housing Price to Income as a Measurement of Rural Differentiation pdf

YANGJianyun     2015/06/30   hits:795

Consumption, Leisure, and Social Stratification among the Rural Elderly: The Case of Jinchun Village of Zhejiang Provincepdf

WEIChenglin     2015/06/30   hits:1280

The Alienation of “Semi-formal Administration” and Its Solutions: A Study of Land Requisition and Housing Relocationpdf

GENG Yu     2015/08/02   hits:644

Police Reform and State Coercive Capacity Building in Chinapdf

LINHuihuang, XIONGCai     2015/06/30   hits:952

the Origins of China’s Economic Transitionpdf

Xiaolin PEI     2015/06/30   hits:778

The Paradox of Rural Collective Ownership and Community Membership Rights: The Case of a “Village inside the City” in Taizhoupdf

Xuefang Pan     2015/06/30   hits:1240

All in the Family: New Approaches to Child Relief in Post-Mao Chinapdf

Norman D. Apter     2015/06/30   hits:862

Anarchist Thought and the Practice of Rural Reconstruction Revisited—Finding Contemporary Relevance from a Withering Anarchismpdf

Haixia Wang     2015/06/30   hits:659

The Origin of China’s Economic Transitionpdf

Xiaolin Pei     2015/06/30   hits:838