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China in the New World Orderpdf

Wang Shaoguang     2023/12/27   hits:417

Formation and functioning of internal reference in six cases: highway to the"heavenly court"pdf

Wang Shaoguang     2023/12/27   hits:204

In a soybean game dominated by capital, no one winspdf

Wang Shaoguang     2023/12/27   hits:210

Middle-income trap: A pseudo thesispdf

Wang Shaoguang     2023/12/27   hits:218

Political change and democracy in China:An interview with Wang Shaoguangpdf

Wang Shaoguang     2023/12/27   hits:220

Representative Democracy and Representational Democracypdf

Wang Shaoguang     2023/12/27   hits:226

Toward Shared Prosperity: China’s New Leap Forward in Social Protectionpdf

Wang Shaoguang     2023/12/27   hits:208

Traditional Moral Politicspdf

Wang Shaoguang     2023/12/27   hits:223

Understanding China’s Whole-Process People’s Democracypdf

Wang Shaoguang     2023/12/27   hits:220

Whither Economics in China? A Comment on Professor Jia Genliang’s “Reflections on Economics Education in China and Suggestions for Its Reform”pdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2023/10/10   hits:1245

Book Review of The Peasant Economy and Social Change in North Chinapdf

Prasenjit Duara     2023/10/07   hits:369

Book Review of The Peasant Economy and Social Change in North Chinapdf

Susan Mann     2023/10/07   hits:380

Revisiting “the Great Divergence”: Clarifying the Two Major Modes of Agriculture in China and the Westpdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2023/05/16   hits:693

Rents, Taxes, and Peasant Resistance The Lower Yangzi Region, 1840-1950pdf

Kathryn Bernhardt     2023/05/02   hits:778

Women and Property in China, 960-1949pdf

Kathryn Bernhardt     2023/05/02   hits:647

Code, Custom, and Legal Practice in Chinapdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2023/05/02   hits:6620

Civil Justice in China: Representation and Practice in the Qingpdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2023/05/02   hits:654

Civil Law in Qing and Republican Chinapdf

Kathryn Bernhardt and Philip C. C. Huang eds.     2023/05/02   hits:632

The Peasant Family and Rural Development in the Yangzi Delta, 1350-1988pdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2023/05/02   hits:611

The Peasant Economy and Social Change in North Chinapdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2023/05/02   hits:6648