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Migrant Citizenship Regimes in Globalized China:A Historical-Institutional Comparisonpdf

Jieh-min Wu     2017/04/20   hits:1588

Mapping the Contested Terrains of Precarious Labor in China pdf

Ching Kwan Lee     2017/04/19   hits:1417

The Precariat in China: A Comment on Conceptual Confusion pdf

Guy Standing     2017/04/19   hits:1587

Handling Contention in China: A Theoretical Framework on the Role of the State pdf

Xiaowei Gui     2017/04/19   hits:1073

Transformation and Tradition in Taiwan’s Peasant Economy, 1960–2015: A Case Study of the Dongshi Fruit Economypdf

Shou-li Yeh     2017/04/11   hits:1156

The Agricultural Collectivization Movement as Seen in Grassroots Archives: Baoying County of Jiangsu Province, 1953–1957pdf

Woyu Liu     2017/04/11   hits:1227

The Nation-State, the Contract Responsibility System, and the Economy of Temple Incense: The Politics and Economics of a Temple Festival on a Landscaped Holy Mountainpdf

Yongyi Yue     2017/04/11   hits:1228

The Geographic Aggregation of Older Unmarried Males in Impoverished Rural Areas: Findings from Chicheng County of Northwestern Hebei Provincepdf

Yuesheng Wang     2017/04/11   hits:1179

The Trading of “Special Commodity” (Opium) in the CCP’s Northwestern Shanxi Base Area during the War of Resistance against Japanpdf

Qianhou Yue     2017/04/11   hits:1629

Local Response to State-Led Development Plans: The Case of “Beautiful Village Project” in Ningbian Village of Yunnan Provincepdf

Wengang Li     2017/04/11   hits:11755

How Did “Counter-Behaviors” Contribute to Institutional Changes: A Review of The Counter-Behaviors of Chinese Peasants, 1950–1980pdf

Qi Chen     2017/04/11   hits:1143

Property Inheritance and Old-Age Support in Peasant Families with Only Daughters in Rural North China, 1949–2014pdf

Long Yang     2017/04/11   hits:1232

An Introduction to Ester Boserup’s: The Conditions of Agricultural Growth: The Economics of Agrarian Change Under Population Pressure (Chicago: Aldine, 1965)pdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2017/04/11   hits:1407

The Alienation of the Letter-and-Visit System and theTransformation of Grassroots Governance: The Case of Shanxiang of Wuhan Municipalitypdf

Baifeng Chen     2017/04/11   hits:1078

China’s Hidden Agricultural Revolution, 1980–2010, in Historical and Comparative Perspectivepdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2016/06/11   hits:2680

Agricultural Development under Environmental Constraints: A Micro-Level Study of Houjiaying Village in Eastern Hebeipdf

CHENG Yaoyao     2016/06/03   hits:4001

The Rise of the Middle Peasant Economy: Non-Capitalistic Agricultural Development and Its Mechanism—The Case of Wu Village, Anhuipdf

Jianlei Zhang, Jinqing Cao, Yunyun Yang     2016/06/03   hits:1449

The Past and Present of the Chinese Civil and Criminal Justice Systems: The Sinitic Legal Tradition from a Global Perspectivepdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2016/04/12   hits:2769

A Report of Investigation on the Industrial Cluster of Soybean Protein Processing in Heilongjiang pdf

PENG Yiqing, FU Qiyuan, ZHANG Shuoyue, MA Mengting     2016/02/05   hits:1277

“Outside Farmers” and Small-Farm Agriculture in Suburban Areas: The Case of Suburban Shanghai pdf

YUAN Zhonghua     2016/02/05   hits:1268