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The Paradox of Rural Collective Ownership and Community Membership Rights: The Case of a “Village inside the City” in Taizhoupdf

Xuefang Pan     2015/06/30   hits:1294

All in the Family: New Approaches to Child Relief in Post-Mao Chinapdf

Norman D. Apter     2015/06/30   hits:902

Anarchist Thought and the Practice of Rural Reconstruction Revisited—Finding Contemporary Relevance from a Withering Anarchismpdf

Haixia Wang     2015/06/30   hits:699

The Origin of China’s Economic Transitionpdf

Xiaolin Pei     2015/06/30   hits:887

Large Farms vs. Small Farms: Grain Production in Northwestern Shandongpdf

Gao Yuan     2015/06/30   hits:931

Is “Family Farms” the Way to Develop Chinese Agriculture?pdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2015/06/30   hits:1810

Testaments and Changes of Family Property in Contemporary Rural North China—A Recombination of the Freedom to Dispose of Property and the Requirement for Old-age Supportpdf

Long Yang     2015/05/25   hits:781

The Landscape of Farmer Cooperatives in China:Functions and Diversity in a Changing Environmentpdf

Huan Yang, Cees Leeuwis, Rico Li, and Yiching Song     2015/05/25   hits:915

Changes in Clan Culture in the Rural Areas of Southern Anhuipdf

Zongli Tang and Ming Cheng     2015/05/25   hits:1143

The Law of the Limit to Land Productivity and China’s Hidden Agricultural Revolutionpdf

Xiaolin Pei     2015/05/25   hits:718

Practical Moral Consciousness in Rights Claims: Petition Letters on Chinese Village Electionspdf

Tong Zhihui     2015/05/25   hits:1220

How Has the Chinese Economy Developed So Rapidly? The Concurrence of Five Paradoxical Coincidencespdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2015/05/25   hits:3551

Morality and Law in China, Past and Presentpdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2015/04/11   hits:1986

Should Social Science and Jurisprudence Imitate Natural Science?pdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2015/04/10   hits:1064

The Problems of Married-Out Women Under the Rural Collective Ownership System—The Example of Jiaojiang, Taizhou(农村集体所有制构架下的农嫁女问题: pdf

Xuefang Pan(潘学方)     2014/11/25   hits:752

Organized Violent Conflicts over Water Control in Rural China: The Jianghan Plain, 1839-1979(江汉平原清后期以来与水利有关的有组织的暴力冲突)pdf

Jiayan Zhang(张家炎)     2014/11/25   hits:953

Disaster Reproduction and the Crisis of Governance —The Shanxi Example in China’s Experience(灾害的再生产与治理危机—中国经验的山西样本)pdf

Yulin Zhang(张玉林)     2014/11/25   hits:786

China’s Informal Economy Revisited(中国的非正规经济再论证)pdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2014/11/25   hits:1073

The Dynamics of Capitalization in Chinese Agriculture: Private Firms, the State, or Peasant Households?(中国农业资本化的动力: 公司、国家、还是农户?)pdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2014/11/25   hits:1525

Editor’s Foreword Whither Rural China: Capitalism, Socialism, Or?( 编者前言: 中国农村往哪里去?资本主义、社会主义、还是?)pdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2014/11/25   hits:1025