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Editor’s Foreword Whither Rural China: Capitalism, Socialism, Or?( 编者前言: 中国农村往哪里去?资本主义、社会主义、还是?)pdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2014/11/25   hits:1082

The New Cooperative Movement in Rural China (中国农村的新合作运动)pdf

John Q. Tian (田群建)     2014/11/24   hits:827

The New School Calendar in Haicheng County’s Village Primary Schools, 1905-1919 (新校历:海城县村小 1905-1919年的变革与意义)pdf

Elizabeth VanderVen(樊德雯)     2014/11/24   hits:876

Taking Turns Supporting Elderly Parents—Statistics from Field Investigations in Hebei (北方农村老年人 “轮养” 方式研究—基于河北调查数据)pdf

Yuesheng Wang (王跃生)     2014/11/24   hits:797

Regional Variation of Lineage Culture and Fertility Transition in Rural China (中国农村生育转变的类型与宗族文化的区域差异)pdf

Weigang Gong, Chengrong Duan, and Burak Gürel (龚为纲、段成荣、Burak Gürel)     2014/11/24   hits:967

Marriage, Law, and Revolution: Divorce Law Practice in the Shaan-Gan-Ning Border Region (婚姻、革命与法律—陕甘宁边区的离婚法实践)pdf

Liu Yang(杨柳)     2014/11/24   hits:1007

The Law of Limit to Land Productivity andChina’s Hidden Agricultural Revolution (土地生产率极限法则和中国的隐性农业革命)pdf

Xiaolin Pei (裴小林)     2014/11/24   hits:866

Is “Family Farms” the Way to Develop Chinese Agriculture?pdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2014/07/31   hits:2886

Large Farms vs. Small Farms: Grain Production in Northwestern Shandongpdf

Gao Yuan     2014/07/31   hits:2659

Reconstructing Max Weber’s “Sociology of Law”: The Power of Idealism and the Limits of Objectivitypdf

Junnan Lai     2014/07/16   hits:1345

Sovereignty and “Civilization”: International Law and East Asia in the Nineteenth Centurypdf

Junnan Lai     2014/07/16   hits:1791

Centralized-Minimalist Government: The Lake Weishan Issue and the Chinese Mediatory System of Governmentpdf

Lei Tian     2014/07/16   hits:1170

The System of “Turning Oneself In” in Qing and Contemporary China: Some Reflections on Legal Modernismpdf

Zhengyang Jiang     2014/07/16   hits:620

Between Informal Mediation and Formal Adjudication: The Third Realm of Qing Civil Justicepdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2014/07/16   hits:1523

Representation and Practice in “Privately Settling Illicit Sex Offenses,” with Attention to the “Third Realm” from the Late Imperial Period to the Present pdf

Fenghua Jing     2014/07/16   hits:1569

Marriage, Law, and Revolution: Divorce Law Practice in the Shaan-Gan-Ning Border Regionpdf

Liu Yang     2014/07/17   hits:1710

Women’s Choices under the Law: Marriage, Divorce, and Illicit Sex in the Qing and the Republicpdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2014/07/16   hits:2473

A Ming-Qing Transition in Chinese Women’s History? The Perspective from Lawpdf

Kathryn Bernhardt     2014/07/16   hits:3076


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