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The Disintegration of Propertypdf

Thomas C. Grey     2014/07/16   hits:3090

Editor’s Introduction to The History and Theory of Legal Practice in China: Toward a Historical-Social Jurisprudence pdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2014/07/17   hits:1238


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     2014/07/17   hits:768

Editor’s Introductionpdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2014/07/17   hits:845

"Social Sciences of Practice” Series Forewordpdf

     2014/07/17   hits:532

"Social Sciences of Practice” Series Forewordpdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2014/07/17   hits:957

The Crisis of Representativeness and Post-Party Politicspdf

Wang Hui     2014/03/23   hits:3112

How to Explore the Chinese Path to Constitutionalism? A Response to Larry Catá Backerpdf

Jiang Shigong      2014/03/23   hits:1066

Toward a Robust Theory of the Chinese Constitutional State: Between Formalism and Legitimacy in Jiang Shigong’s Constitutionalismpdf

Larry Catá Backer      2014/03/23   hits:1575

Chinese-Style Constitutionalism: On Backer’s Chinese Party-State Constitutionalismpdf

Jiang Shigong      2014/03/23   hits:1243

Jiang Shigong 强世功 on “Written and Unwritten Constitutions” and Their Relevance to Chinese Constitutionalismpdf

Larry Catá Backer      2014/03/23   hits:2262

The Basis for the Legitimacy of the Chinese Political System: Whence and Whither? Dialogues among Western and Chinese Scholars, VII -- Editor’s Introductionpdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2014/03/23   hits:1442

Rural China: An International Journal of History and Social Science Volume 10 (2013)pdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2014/03/23   hits:1033

Populism versus Neoliberalism: Diversity and Ideology in the Chinese Media’s Narratives of Health Care Reformpdf

Jane Duckett and Ana Inés Langer     2013/12/02   hits:1983

The Return of Planning in China: Comment on Heilmann–Melton and Hu Angangpdf

Barry Naughton     2013/12/02   hits:2322

The Distinctive Transition of China’s Five-Year Planspdf

Hu Angang     2013/12/02   hits:2415

The Reinvention of Development Planning in China, 1993–2012pdf

Sebastian Heilmann and Oliver Melton     2013/12/02   hits:3429

Development "Planning" in Present-Day China--System, Process, and Mechanism: Dialogues among Western and Chinese Scholars, VIpdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2013/12/02   hits:2813

The Nature of the Chinese Formation and the Making of Its Welfare Regimepdf

Ivan Szelenyi1     2013/12/01   hits:1098