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Karl Marx, Mao Ze-dong, and the Dialectics of Socialist Developmentpdf

Mark Selden     1970/01/01   hits:1207

Mao and Marx in the Scholastic Traditionpdf

Maurice Meisner     1970/01/01   hits:1163


Stuart R. Schram     1970/01/01   hits:1110

A Responsepdf

Andrew G. Walder     1977/10/30   hits:930

Mao and Marx: Understanding, Scholarship, and Ideology—A Response pdf

Richard M. Pfeffer      1977/10/30   hits:1094

Tntroduction to Tang Tsou's "Interpreting the Revolution in China"pdf

Cui Zhiyuan     1970/01/01   hits:2170

How to Comprehend Today’s China:An Interpretation of the “Comparatively Well-Off Society”pdf

Cui Zhiyuan     2006/08/30   hits:2147

China's Rural Industrializationpdf

Cui Zhiyuan     1970/01/01   hits:1353

Particular,Universal,and Infinite:Transcending Western Centrism and Cultural Relativism in the Third Worldpdf

Cui Zhiyuan     1970/01/01   hits:2062

China in the Russian Mirrorpdf

Cui Zhiyuan     1970/01/01   hits:1953

Whither China? The Discourse on Property Rights in the Chinese Reform Contextpdf

Cui Zhiyuan     1970/01/01   hits:1977

Introduction of Unger's Politicspdf

Cui Zhiyuan     2003/03/30   hits:1544

Privativatization and the Consolidation of Democratic Regimes:An Analysis and An Alternativepdf

Cui Zhiyuan     1970/01/01   hits:1705

China’s Export Tax Rebate Policypdf

Cui Zhiyuan     1970/01/01   hits:4072

Contemporary Chinese Thought and the Question of Modernitypdf

Wang Hui     1998/03/30   hits:3489

Race and Class in Chinese Historiography: Divergent Interpretations of Zhang Bing-lin and Anti-Manchuism in the 1911 Revolutionpdf

Joshua A. Fogel     1977/07/31   hits:1101

Review of Chinese and Japanese Scholarship: Editor's Notepdf

Philip C. C. Huang     1977/07/31   hits:1371

Popular Unrest and the 1911 Revolution in Jiangsupdf

Young-Tsu Wong     1977/07/31   hits:1178

Worker Participation in Chinese Factoriespdf

Charles Hoffmann     1977/07/31   hits:1137

Educational Reform and Manpower Policy in China, 1955-1958pdf

Joel Glassman     1977/07/31   hits:1342