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The Essence of Marxism Revisited: A Response pdf

Benjamin I. Schwartz      1976/10/31   hits:1084

Mao and Marx in the Marxis t Leninist Tradition: A Critique of "The China Field" and a Contribution to a Preliminary Reappraisal pdf

Richard M. Pfeffer     1976/10/30   hits:1119

Editor's Foreword pdf

Philip C. C. Huang     1976/10/30   hits:1431

Fee-Taking, Salary Reform, and the Structure of State Power in Late Qing China, 1909-1911 pdf

Paul C. Hickey      1993/07/31   hits:1143

China's Technocratic Movement and the World Economic Herald pdf

Li Cheng and Lynn T. White     1993/07/31   hits:1200

The Paradigmatic Crisis in Chinese Studies: Paradoxes in Social and Economic Historypdf

Philip C. C. Huang     1991/07/31   hits:1947


     1993/01/31   hits:2672

Out of the Cultural Ghetto: Theory, Politics, and the Study of Chinese Literature pdf

Zhang Longxi      1993/01/31   hits:1150

Thoughts on Politics and Critical Paradigms in Modern Chinese Literature Studies pdf

Michael S. Duke     1970/01/01   hits:1001

Politics, Critical Paradigms: Reflections on Modern Chinese Literature Studiespdf

Liu Kang     1993/01/31   hits:1015

Ideology and Theory in the Study of Modern Chinese Literature: An Introductionpdf

Perry Link      1993/01/31   hits:1034

Ideology and Theory in the Study of Modern Chinese Literature: Paradigmatic Issues in Chinese Studies, IIpdf

Philip C. C. Huang     1993/01/31   hits:1730

"Public Sphere "/"Civil Society" in China?: The Third Realm between State and Societypdf

Philip C. C. Huang     1993/04/30   hits:2800

On the Search for Civil Society in Chinapdf

Heath B. Chamberlain     1993/04/30   hits:1162

The Public Sphere, Civil Society and Moral Community: A Research Agenda for Contemporary China Studiespdf

Richard Madsen     1993/04/30   hits:1769

Some Observations on a Chinese Public Spherepdf

Mary Backus Rankin     1993/04/30   hits:1201

The Problem of "Civil Society" in Late Imperial Chinapdf

William T. Rowe     1993/04/30   hits:2238

The Civil Society and Public Sphere Debate: Western Reflections on Chinese Political Culturepdf

Frederic Wakeman, JR     1993/04/30   hits:1726

Editor's Forewordpdf

Philip C. C. Huang     1993/04/30   hits:1386

A Permanent Revolution: The Historiography of 1789pdf

Edward Berenson     1995/01/31   hits:1416