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Industrialization and China’s Agricultural Development, 1949-1985pdf

Gao Yuan     2017/10/19   hits:1026

Production and Consumption of Staple Food Crops and the Separation of the Agricultural and Nonagricultural Sectors in China, 1952–2010: AComparison with Japan, the United States, and South Koreapdf

Aimin GUO     2017/10/20   hits:1625

The Inverse Logics of Different Stages of Development under the Law of the Limit to Land Productivitypdf

Xiaolin PEI     2017/10/20   hits:1289

The Xianggu Mushroom Industry in Xixia County, Henan: A Case Studypdf

Chang LIU, Shiqing BAO, Danqing PEI     2017/10/19   hits:974

From “Involution” to “Capitalization:” The“New Agriculture”and the “New Peasant”— A Case Study of Tobacco Growers in a Chinese Townshippdf

Changquan JIAO     2017/10/20   hits:1122

The Three Models of China’s Agricultural Development: Strengths and Weaknesses of the Administrative,Laissez Faire, and Co-op Approachespdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2017/10/20   hits:1967

“Whither Chinese Agriculture?”-- An Introductionpdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2017/09/25   hits:4717

Dispatch Work in China: A Study from Case Records, Part IIpdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2017/07/13   hits:1264

Dispatch Work in China: A Study from Case Records, Part Ipdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2017/05/16   hits:1682

China’s Informal Economy, Reconsidered: An Introduction in Light of Social and Legal History pdf

Philip C. C. Huang     2017/04/19   hits:1602

Informal and Precarious Work: the Precariat and Chinapdf

Sarah Swider     2017/04/19   hits:1098

Care Work in China – In and Beyond the Informal Economy pdf

Ellen R. Judd     2017/04/19   hits:1108

The self-organization and the power of female informal workers: A case study of the cooperative production team in the garment industry in the Yangtze River Delta pdf

FAN Lulu and XUE Hong     2017/04/19   hits:1524

Intern Labor in China pdf

Jenny Chan     2017/04/19   hits:827

Peasants’ Informal Employment: a Microsocietal Study Based on Two Villages in Ding Xian pdf

HUANG Jialiang and WANG Yongsheng     2017/04/19   hits:1028

Migrant Citizenship Regimes in Globalized China:A Historical-Institutional Comparisonpdf

Jieh-min Wu     2017/04/20   hits:1415

Mapping the Contested Terrains of Precarious Labor in China pdf

Ching Kwan Lee     2017/04/19   hits:1205

The Precariat in China: A Comment on Conceptual Confusion pdf

Guy Standing     2017/04/19   hits:1399

Handling Contention in China: A Theoretical Framework on the Role of the State pdf

Xiaowei Gui     2017/04/19   hits:891

Transformation and Tradition in Taiwan’s Peasant Economy, 1960–2015: A Case Study of the Dongshi Fruit Economypdf

Shou-li Yeh     2017/04/11   hits:986